Pluggable Tunnel System#

The tunnel system in Heist and Heist Salt is pluggable, but currently the only supported tunnel is asyncssh. The tunnel plugin system is used to create connections from heist to the minions. This connection is used to do the following:

1. Manage files and binaries#

The tunnel helps copy binaries and files over to the minion. The asyncssh tunnel, for example, uses sftp to copy over these files via ssh.

2. Manage a tunnel#

Establish an ssh tunnel from the Heist Salt minions to the Salt Master’s publish and master ports. The asyncssh tunnel, for example creates an ssh tunnel on the minions on ports 44505 and 44506 back to the Salt Master’s master_port and publish_port ports, by default (4505 and 4506)

Salt minion’s set the publish_port to 44505 and the master_port to 44506 by default. You can change the minion’s publish_port and master_port by editing the minion_opts in your roster.

  username: root
  password: "rootpassword"
    master_port: 54506
    publish_port: 54505

This will edit the minion config to point the master_port to 54506 and the publish_port to 54505. The SSH tunnel will also use these values to setup the tunnel on these ports on the minion side.

3. Handling Disconnects#

The tunnel detects if there is a disconnect and will attemt to re-connect automatically. The checkin_time configuration is used to determine in seconds how often to check if the connection is established.