6.0.0 (2023-05-03)#



  • Removing the single bin artifact in favor of the onedir. (#49)

  • Heist-Salt will not require salt as a pip dependency. It now checks on startup if salt is installed or not. This allows a user to have Salt installed without pip. (#61)


  • Return success if a machine is bootstrapped successfully. (#46)

  • Ensure raw_service restarts on upgrade of artifact. Do not re-deploy alias files on upgrade. (#62)


  • Add ability to only manage the service of an already deployed artifact. Add ability to clean the previously deployed artifact before deploying a new artifact. (#25)

  • added some better error handling. it isn’t prfect yet. but at least should catch the big stuff. (#47)

  • Add aliases for salt-call and salt-minion binaries. (#48)

  • Add ability to detect there is a new Salt package and upgrade it. (#51)

  • Add ability to deploy Salt proxy (#52)

  • Add ability for Heist-Salt to deploy Salt Master. (#53)

  • Check if the artifact has already been deployed and verify the artifact. Also, start the service if not started. (#60)

  • Added support in Heist-Salt for the new Salt 3006.0 packages. This is a breaking change as Heist-Salt will only support Salt packages 3006.0 and above. (#66)

  • https://gitlab.com/saltstack/pop/heist/-/issues/120 - started with heist-salt roster instead of going through the heist way first. (#120)