What is Heist-Salt#

Salt requires an agent be installed across all devices a user desires to manage. The agent normally requires a manual step to install across all devices, before being able to get started with Salt. Heist-Salt is a tool that removes this manual installation step and manages the installation for the user. Heist-Salt uses the heist tool to help manage the artifacts.

Heist Salt is a tool that can manage the deployment and installation of Salt or be used as an agentless solution for Salt. Heist-Salt uses Heist, which is a tool that helps manage any artifacts. Heist-Salt uses Heist to help deploy and install the Salt artifact. Heist-Salt can currently manage the following artifacts:

There are two different use for Heist-Salt:

  • Agentless Minions: Provides an agentless solution for the user over SSH. This removes

    the requirement to for the user to install an agent across each device they want to manage with Salt.

  • Bootstrapping Minions to Existing Masters: A solution to automate the installation of the Salt onedir across all devices they want to manage. This solution can also manage upgrades of Salt, manage the configurations and manage the service.