Heist Minion#

There are two ways to differentiate between a Heist-Salt minion and a regular minion. A Heist-Salt minion communicates with the master over SSH. Also, a Heist-Salt minion includes a minion_type: heist grain. If you want to target only heist minions you can with grains targeting on a Salt Master.

salt -G 'minion_type:heist' test.version

Since Heist-Salt minions communicate over SSH if your Salt Master is attempting to check for connected minions it will not work by default for Heist Minions. You will need to set detect_remote_minions to be True in your Salt Master configuration. This will check for connections the Master is connected to over port 22 by default. If you are running SSH on a different port you can change the port with remote_minions_port. These settings will allow presence events, the manage runner and any other features that detect connected minions in to a Salt Master to work properly.